Do Open, Online, Flexible And Technology-enhanced approaches to education result in sustainable and innovative business models?

This is the focus of the OOFAT Models project funded by ICDE and conducted by researchers from OER Hub and FiBS.  This site presents the collection of cases that was developed.

The main purpose of the study was to develop models that demonstrate different practice in terms of how one or more elements of OOFAT are used to offer models of flexible, sustainable learning.

The OOFAT concept models Content (subject knowledge, support and guidance, the entirety of the didactical process); Delivery (place, pace and timing of delivery of the content, key events and processes); and Recognition and assessment (comprising assessment, credentialization, and recognition of informal learning).

Each of these dimensions are analysed in terms of flexibility (how digital technology is harnessed to reduce the need for physical presence) and openness (how the principle of openness is integrated into the core processes).

Use the case selector to search for cases of interest, or browse the collection of cases.

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